12th December - World Swallowing Day

  • Raising awareness about dysphagia is an inevitable aspect in this modern life
  • Focus should be given to know the symptoms of swallowing problems  and its management.
  • Dysphagia  affects a person’s quality of life and can lead to different complications like malnutrition ,weight loss, aspiration pneumonia etc
  • Awareness has been a concern since patients with dysphagia are not receiving adequate level of care and management due to lack of knowledge about dysphagia and its treatment.
  • Dysphagia team must include swallowing pathologist, otolaryngyologist,neurologist,paediatrician,pulomonologist, radiation oncologist, head and neck surgeons, psychologist, social worker and the care group including care takers and family members.
  • All together work in hand by hand to prevent dysphagia and for the appropriate management  of patients with dysphagia  to improve their quality of life.


world swallowing day_dysphagia