Decannulation – Tracheostomy / NGT , Which is first?

In most of the head and neck /neurological patients are dependant on Tracheostomy as well as feeding tube. which should be decannulated first?

3 thoughts on “Decannulation – Tracheostomy / NGT , Which is first?”

  1. It depends on the medical condition and airway status of the patient.If the airway is adequate and the pt is not aspirating,pt can be considered for decannulation first and then NGT removal as tracheotomy itself will hamper swallowing mechanism
    Where as if pt is aspirating and is having good cough efficiency and cough reflex, and on a cuffed tracheostomy,we can start orally with keeping the cuff inflated and slowly we can increase oral intake and NGT can be removed first

  2. Well Explained Mydhili. Most evidences say tracheostomy affects laryngeal elevation but it doesnt affect swallowing much if patient is not having any oropharyngeal dysfunctions.

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